There are three realms: A realistic realm, a fantasy realm, and a sci-fi realm. You were kidnapped to the fantasy realm to fight in a rebellion... but is it right?

    S.H.A.L.E character profile



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    S.H.A.L.E character profile

    Post by S.H.A.L.E on Mon Jan 02, 2017 10:33 pm

    I'm not sure if this is where I should post this but this is my character's profile: Name: S.H.A.L.E (Semi-Humanoid Autonomous Lifeform) [Experimental] Goes by Shale Simmons in Terra-Mundane and Shale of Other in Terra-Mythos.
    Realm: Terra-Althis
    Age: 159.2 years.
    Height: 1.8 meters.
    Species: cyborg. Artificially replaced: One eye, an arm, both legs, heart, cerebellum, frontal lobe, and most of her nervous system.
    Hair: Brown, medium length, wavy.
    Eyes: One light blue, the other silver and neon green.
    Personality: She is mildly introverted but utterly socially inept. She frequently dismisses her emotions, because she sees them as meaningless and confusing. She often retreats into her mind when overloaded. Because her frontal lobe is artificial she has a hard time deciphering what to do especially in social situations, this leads to her over filtering and remaining silent most of the time. She is untrusting and may appear accidentally hostile.
    Parents: Father: Callum Amser. Mother: Saoirse Amser.
    Distinguishing Marks: Her left eye is artificial, as is her left arm and both legs. Parts of her nervous system are electronic and external. To avoid raising suspicions, when in Terra-Mythos she covers the left side of her face with a tied piece of cloth [think eye patch], wears gloves and a cowl. When in Terra-Mundane she always wears gloves, a scarf and creates a visual interference field, making the artificial features of her face essentially invisible. This also drains her battery immensely, hence why she doesn’t do this in Terra-Mythos.
    Backstory: SHALE was previously known as Niamh Amser. She lived on the planet Denuo. She was the daughter of a mechanic and a factory worker. When Niamh was four years old Denuo was attacked. Niamh was gravely injured. The only way to keep her alive was through extensive and sometimes experimental prosthetics. Recovery was almost two years, after which she became used to being called S.H.A.L.E. She excelled academically and graduated at seventeen. After three years purchased a realm jumper, studying/exploring the culture and history of Mythos and Mundane. This is where the story starts.
    *Sorry about the formatting. I copy and pasted it from Word documents

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    Re: S.H.A.L.E character profile

    Post by Nyleve on Sun Jan 08, 2017 7:03 pm

    Just some questions:
    Is SHALE the main character?
    How does she interact with the other characters (and who are the other characters)?
    What is her purpose/what role does she fulfill?
    What is the realm jumper? How does it work? Who invented it? Is it a common thing or a rarity? Who gets access to it?

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